You are a child and children play and cry

Do you sometimes have a feeling that some force other than you is running your life? You may be surprised at your reactions or the decisions you take. You may feel like the force is driving you into an emotional overwhelm or emotional numbing that leave you feeling helpless and hopeless? 

You are not alone.

For the last two years, the outer world has been so intense, confusing and unpredictable and it’s normal that our inner worlds are reflecting this chaos. We may feel increased anxiety, anger, sadness, despair, loneliness… 

Often the tendency or priority is to rush to fix these unwanted states without trying to understand why we feel the way we feel. There may be a temptation to distract ourselves from these uncomfortable states to avoid deeper feelings of unworthiness, abandonment and shame. This may bring a temporary relief until the next time we are triggered and find ourselves vulnerable.  

Instead of judging and turning away from our experience, we can choose to turn towards it and learn to hold ourselves in those moments as if we were holding a child. By doing so we embrace the child within us, the inner child that is calling for our attention, wanting to be seen and heard. 

Our inner child is always alive within us. It’s a subconscious part of us that carries our old thoughts and experiences. These experiences include the painful ones. Even if our childhood was ‘nice’, at some point we all encountered things that were too much to bear for a little child. Because we were too young and weren’t able to process them at the time, they remained hidden until we are more resourceful and able to process them as adults. Further repressing or ignoring this hidden content doesn’t mean it disappears. Instead, it intensifies and the child acting from our subconscious is in control of our lives because its perceptions and beliefs affect the way we think, feel, and act today. For some of us who had a difficult childhood, the feelings became so painful that, to function at all, we rejected the inner child that first experienced that particular pain. Often daily functioning involves ignoring the pain. This pain can only be healed when we are willing and brave enough to turn our attention back toward the child.

The inner child is a part of us that is also innocent, curious, creative, imaginative. When we step into our inner adult and take care of our inner child, we will allow it to infuse our life with spontaneity, play, joy, awe and wonder. 

I would like to invite you and your inner child to connect so you can become your best friend. I’m offering a space to explore this connection in more depth together with like-minded others.  

Inner children playground -

4 weekly online sessions
focused on embracing the child within

This programme is a deep experiential inner world exploration. It’s an invitation to discover and release repressed emotions that are holding you back. It’s a space to feel and express. It’s an opportunity to be held, seen, heard. It’s an initiation into emotional maturity balanced with a necessary play. You are invited to use the healing power of imagination and meet your inner child in a safe setting that encourages childlike presence, opening and connection. 

It’s a unique programme that includes both: an individual hypnotherapy session allowing you to experience your own inner journey, and group sessions that will create a deep sense of connection with others.

This programme is for you if you are curious and open to explore:

  • Acceptance and opening to the full spectrum of human experience
  • Online group support and guidance
  • Safe and non-judgemental space of belonging 
  • Connection between your adult self and your inner child so that a more integrated way of being can begin
  • Deep connection with other people  
  • Connection to your creativity, playfulness and spontaneity through home play exercises
  • Learning to recognise and meet your basic needs in a more mature fashion
  • Opportunity to go right to the core to reveal when fear or certain life pattern first began
  • Opportunity to free your inner child of the burdens she/he/they have carried around to allow them to bring more joy, excitement, spontaneity and freedom into your life
  • Learning to open and navigate through your magical inner world

Programme outline

1. Online Group Session

Acknowledging your inner child and their feelings. You will be encouraged to recognise where and how your inner child is showing up for you or taking control over your life. We will invite them, see them with the eyes of your inner adult. This is an opening sharing circle, an invitation to authentic revealing.

2. Online Individual Session

Getting in touch with your inner child in a light hypnotic trance. You will be guided through this inner journey so that you can feel safe and supported to allow for this experience to be exactly how it needs to be. We will begin by creating space for you to share and softly phase into hypnosis.

3. Online Group Session –

Sharing circle and conversation. It’s an invitation to see each other deeply. It’s an opportunity to share that which is longing to be expressed with other ‘inner children’ to let your inner child be seen and heard by others. We will play with connection, compassion and creativity.

4. Online Group Session

Integration. Strengthening the connection between your inner child and your inner adult. It’s a group hypnotic journey that will empower you to move forward with your inner child as friends. 


***Homeplay – a selection of tools and fun self-care ideas will be shared between sessions in a closed group to support you through this journey.

***Deep listening session – an opportunity to experience healing power of music.

This programme is NOT intended to

  • Promise a quick fix
  • Replace therapy but may be complementary to it or an inspiration to begin your inner work
  • Change the way you are but support your unique process 
  • Make you feel that there is something wrong with you. There isn’t. You are not broken. You are whole and this is the foundation of this work
Ada’s calming personality and voice helped me to trust her right away and thus easily open up for the process. I was able to very quickly connect with a part of me which needed attention and healing. I felt heard and guided. I can recommend Ada as a very reliable and empathetic therapist.” – Kasia

About me

Inspiration for this programme came from my own experience. Since I first met my inner child during my training 5 years ago, she was a lonely, sad, frightened, silent girl. The following sessions and years were all about embracing her and establishing a connection with this part of me. This connection is now a way of being – as an adult I’ve taken care of her, made her feel seen and safe and released the emotional burden she carried. In turn, she brings childlike qualities into my life. It’s an ongoing process. The pandemic has made the last year and a half especially intense on an emotional level as some of the most abandoned parts of me awoke with waves of personal and collective pain. I spent a year in my inner world with nature being my therapist and a guide into the magical world of my inner child. I’ve also sat in many circles connecting to others through pain, witnessing each other and sharing our experiences with openness. The beauty of this work is that with compassion and presence the waves of pain turn into waves of pleasure, sorrow becomes joy, anger transforms into power, fear turns into hope. And as we change inside the outer world changes with us revealing its beauty leaving us in gratitude and love for life, in connection with life and, in awe and wonder of life. You are invited to join me.

If you are interested and would like to have a chat, you can contact me via me@adaperkowska.comYou can also read more about me here