“I came to Ada with my anger issues. I’ve had an amazing experience during the session where I felt completely relaxed. I didn’t remember feeling this way for a long time. Surprisingly the feeling remained after the session and my anger started fading away. On the following session I understood where the anger was coming from which was very liberating! I feel a lot better about myself now. I’m calm and relaxed and so everything around me seems to have changed.”
“I had a pleasure to have a hypnotherapy session with Ada. It was an incredible experience which helped me to enhance my therapy process and integrate a few changes that are going on in my life. The setting was just perfect. The selection of music and Ada’s soothing voice took me to a very safe, comfortable and happy place. We were working on my self-esteem issues and to my surprise it really helped me understand what it is all about. After just a few minutes with music and Ada’s gentle voice I sailed away to an other place somewhere where I understood that the real power is what I already have in me. Ada also showed me a tool to use in my everyday life to bring me back to this feeling if I need to. And it works. I saw truth and love in Ada’s work and I can’t wait for more sessions together.”
“I highly recommend individual meetings with Ada. I was given a lot of space during the session. I felt listened to and taken care of. Ada was very attentive to my needs. She was sensitive to the issues raised by me. She shared herself in a beautiful way. I got a lot of support, understanding, appreciation and heart.”
“I’ve had a chance to have two sessions with Ada, from which one included a light hypnotherapy. Ada’s calming personality and voice helped me to trust her right away and thus easily open up for the process. I was able to very quickly connect with a part of me which needed attention and healing. I felt heard and guided. I can recommend Ada as a very reliable and empathetic therapist.”
“Dear Ada, I’d like to thank you warmly for the work you did during my hypnosis session. I know that you have put all your heart and attention into this, I am impressed by your intuition and devotion. Your warm words have healed my heart. Thanks to you, I regained love for myself, confidence in myself and confidence in the world. Life became colourful and pleasant. Thank you.”