I help people strengthen their inner connection

I believe we all have unlimited potential and are a source of creativity, peace, motivation, confidence, clarity, focus and love. Through my work I would like to help you to be able to connect to that place within you and act from there.

Hypnosis is a beautiful tool used to access the unconscious mind. In a hypnotic trance we set the conscious mind to rest and are able to connect directly to the unconscious mind. Hypnotic trance is a safe and enjoyable state where a hypnotised person is in full control of their body and mind, therefore they will not respond to any suggestion that is against their value system or reveal their secrets. Hypnotherapy is about using hypnosis to help people get to know themselves better, overcome difficulties, move forward and live a more conscious and fulfilled life.

The unconscious is where all our life experience is stored including the limiting beliefs that are responsible for unwanted behaviours or thinking patterns. Through gaining direct access to the unconscious mind, unconscious motivations that may be driving negative behaviour can be accessed and replaced with positive and desired ones. As a result, a satisfying change can occur. Sometimes it may be essential to work on a deeper level which involves revisiting an old memory and embracing the emotion it is connected with. This kind of process can bring impressive results and is only possible with your permission.

This is why hypnotherapy is an efficient method of transformation. It is used to help with emotional problems such as uncontrollable anger, anxiety and depression as well as physical disorders such as skin conditions. It aids the reduction or elimination of phobias. It can help to break the cycle of addictions such as alcohol, drugs, sugar and social media. Additionally, it can improve eating and sleeping patterns and is used to reduce stress and enhance relaxation. By tapping into the unlimited power of the unconscious mind, hypnotherapy is also successful in optimising performance, boosting confidence and self-esteem, managing fear, increasing motivation, boosting health and healing and enhancing other forms of therapy.

Music is a game to be played and so is life. Music is such a gift. It is an individual and social experience. It makes one lie down and rest or get up and dance. It is dark and bright. It can create excitement and peace, intensify power and weakness. It may bring joy and poignance. It is so effective that it is therapeutical on its own. It can stir memories and powerfully resonate with our emotions during the healing process. I believe that music, combined with hypnosis, is a beautiful and powerful medium of liberation and harmony. In order to enhance the therapy and if you allow, a session will involve music selected for your unique process.

Hypnotherapy may bring satisfying results in one or two sessions, or sometimes it needs several sessions to create a desired change. Please feel free to contact me to arrange an initial, free of charge consultation, where we can agree on how to work together to suit your needs in the best possible way.

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