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A crisis as a potential for transformation.

As our routine is interrupted and our regular patterns change their shape, we are asked to suddenly reorder our lives and there is a natural tendency to try to predict what the future is holding for us. The thought process may be exhausting and taking us to the darkest corners of our imagination. Difficult feelings may arise with intensity especially in the face of an overwhelming panic and uncertainty. 

It is ok to feel anxiety and stress as well as anger, hopelessness or confusion especially now when the world is so unstable. However, it may be difficult to cope with them in this non-ordinary period, particularly when being on your own or in a position where you are the one who has to be strong for others.

How can you stay calm and sane in the face of omnipresent fear? Can order emerge from this chaos? What if this challenging experience is an opportunity for you to go deeper and see what wants to arise? 

I’m offering 1:1 online coaching sessions where I can support you through this turbulent period of change.

I will create a space for you to slow down and acknowledge that which is asking for your attention at this moment. You may find that disturbing emotions might hold a potential even in the midst of chaos or maybe even more so now. 

Holding a loving and transformative space for you to strenghten your inner connection

I see every person as a mystery and ‘the work’ we do together as art. 

I engage with you in the process of inquiry and exploration, discovery and transformation. 

I listen deeply to your words and beyond, allowing silence to reveal your insights. We create a safe space where you can strengthen your inner connection and access your innermost gifts and resources.

A space where solutions emerge from your deeper self in the simplicity of being. A space where doing less allows you to come closer to where you are meant to be. 

The process  becomes a dance. We move together at your pace, in your rhythm. I follow you, trusting your inner knowing as you learn to listen to your body, your feelings, your intuition.