Ada Perkowska Hypnotherapist

About me

I have been interested in people since I was a little girl. I used to be shy and anxious so it felt safe to remain in the shadowy background and observe others play instead of playing with them. It was more comfortable to listen instead of talking. My observations gave birth to questions I was hoping to get answers to whilst studying Psychology. However, it wasn’t during the studies of the mind and behaviour when I have learned most about human beings. I have gained most wisdom through my life experience and my greatest teacher has been the pain within my own being. 

I used to live my life in a way that was unsettled and restless and led me to confusion, insomnia, depression, drug addiction, disconnection from my body and from the planet. It was through compassion, integrative psychotherapy, psychedelic-assisted therapy and holotropic breathwork that I was able to meet and create a relationship with my darker side. I received insights that changed my perspective from personal to universal. I reconnected with who I really am and connected with my heart, others, the Earth, and the cosmic whole.

Over the last few years, I have been passionate about learning how to create therapeutic space and facilitate inner transformation in others. I’m interested in the therapeutic use of presence and connection, the healing potential of altered states of consciousness, the therapeutic use of psychedelic substances, shadow work, multidimensional trauma and transformation, and hypnosis. 

My training and certificates

Pause Place –  a beautiful training in coaching dedicated to the strength of love, presence and connection. Pause Place was a deeply grounding, rich and transformative experience through which I’ve learnt to create a healing space for others and work with individuals in a way that honours both our human and spiritual nature. 

Freemind – I trained in hypnotherapy with FreeMind, a system which focuses on emotional intelligence, success psychology and oneness philosophy combining ancient and modern wisdom traditions. My Freemind experience involved travelling into the depths of the unconscious and encounter with what has been repressed in a very safe way. I appreciate hypnosis as a complementary technique which enables to gracefully take the work to a deeper level.

Multidimensional trauma and transformation – a program in which I’ve explored multidimensional applications for the transformation of individual, transgenerational, and ecological trauma, drawing on clinical, transpersonal, indigenous and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy approaches and research.

The Shamanic Spirit in the 21st Century art, culture and technology – a fascinating course I’ve been drawn to out of passion where I’ve explored technoetic theory and methodology through the analysis of specially selected films, artworks, screen-dance, and mixed reality projects that intersect shamanic technologies, mythic and spiritual depictions, deriving from aboriginal, ancient and contemporary cultures.

Being an eternal student

Grof Transpersonal Training – inspired by my own experience with holotropic breathwork, in 2019 I have begun the training in Holotropic Breathwork and the holotropic perspective with a vision to become a certified practitioner.